Producer’s Statement

Producing My Blind Heart for us was not only a challenge but also a real need.

Sober and courageous, emotional and close to the audience – My Blind Heart is different and it is new, but above all it is alive and full of hope. The story of outsiders who find their own voice, their own language, and do not necessarily rebel against their own bodies but against the status they have in society, is a story that must be told. The focus here is on people, the description of their conflicts is generally valid and thus individually translatable.

This outsider position can also be transferred onto our film. Produced single-handedly, with a micro-budget and within a period of over four years, we have crossed resistances and limitations. During the making of the film we founded the collective CATARACT VISION, as we always tried to remain faithful to the film, its content and what was necessary. We only wanted to stop making My Blind Heart when it was finished, and not after being pushed to the fifth, sixth or seventh limit, or when the money ran out.

If you, like us, do not catch fish with a big bait but with your bare hands, it simply takes longer. The limitations have served creativity and, as is so often the case, offered an incredibly open space for it. Thus, we could always go further into the inner world. Initially, it was the plan of the director to blow up the Viennese Flak towers, ultimately, however, it was all about the destruction of the internal defense towers. We, too, want to inspire with My Blind Heart, which will certainly bring some controversy with it through its uncompromising authenticity.

Therese Seemann & Klara von Veegh